Markberg has achieved another milestone in the brand's strategy within responsible production; a GRS certification. 

Regarding our leather production, we at Markberg have achieved our goal in 2021 with both LWG certification of tanneries in India as well as the implementation of an innovative zero waste concept throughout the bag collection, which ensures that no leather is wasted. Both were ambitious goals that we have been working very dedicated on for a long time. 


Now we have achieved another milestone; a GRS certification of Markberg as a brand. 


GRS stands for "Global Recycled Standard". The certification ensures that the brand meets high international standards for both traceability and verification of recycled products as well as social responsibility in the form of working conditions. 

Mette Astrup, Owner & Creative director:

“The GRS certification of Markberg is an important milestone and we are very proud to have achieved this, as the certification is a very demanding process. However, we have no doubt that certified productions will be completely elementary in the future. The consumer must have a guarantee that the product is actually manufactured responsibly - both environmentally and socially. There is far too much greenwashing in the market today and it is impossible to see through the many messengers brands communicate. Certifications provide a guarantee that there is control over more than just the choice of materials.” 


"We are very ambitious in terms of ensuring a responsible and sustainable production -  both in the leather area and in Markberg's line of recycled plastic. Certifications ensure that we get a common starting point as our customers, both the consumer and the retail, can find security in. We work hard to ensure that Markberg is an absolute leader in responsible production of bags and accessories. To achieve this we at Markberg see certifications as the foundation.”