Backpacks in leather for women

Leather backpacks for women are just a small part of MARKBERG’s wide range of top-quality bags. There are many good reasons to choose a backpack. Firstly, it is a handy bag for many different occasions, especially if you need to carry heavier or larger items with you than what a crossbody bag can contain. When you choose a leather backpack from MARKBERG, you get a functional bag without compromising on design, quality and today’s trend. The backpacks for women are made of strong and durable calf- and lambskin. At MARKBERG you are guaranteed products made of good quality leather, which ensures that your bag will last for many years. The backpacks have different looks depending on the type of leather used. The calfskin backpacks have a smooth and simple look, while the models made in lambskin from New Zealand have more leather texture.

Backpacks for any occasion

The leather backpacks for women come in different sizes. If you are looking for a smaller backpack that you can bring along on the go, it is the Winnie Small Back Pack, that you should check out. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a larger leather backpack that is spacious and with room for all your stuff, the Melina Back Pack or Melina Back Pack, NZ Bubbly is probably exactly what you need. Whether it is the small model or the large model that will fit your needs the most, we guarantee functionality and spaciousness. All the models have several larger and smaller pockets, both on the inside and on the outside of the backpack. Most of these pockets have a zipper, which makes it easy to organize your stuff and thus lead to a better overview of what you have in your bag. There is nothing worse than not being able to find your pen or lip balm because everything is in one big room all tangled together. With our backpacks you can avoid this problem. The backpacks also have a special protective compartment inside, which is made for storage of your electronics. In the small model, the compartment is designed to contain an iPad or tablet, while the large model can contain a 14” computer. The smart pocket with extra protection makes the MARKBERG backpacks ideal for work and study. You can easily and safely carry your computer or tablet in your backpack while keeping other items in it without damaging your computer or tablet. If you are looking for a different kind of work bags then we have several different variants. See the selection here.

Travel with your leather backpack

Backpacks made of leather can also be used when traveling. The many pockets make it possible to organize all the things you have in the bag. If you are in a situation where you must stand or walk for several hours, it is especially comfortable to carry the bag on your back. The durable handle at the top of the backpack, also gives you the opportunity to carry your backpack in your hand. This can be ideal if you are in a queue or you are using public transportation, where there often can be many people in limited space. If you are going to travel for a longer period and none of our backpacks are large enough for your needs, we also have a small selection of Travel Bags that you can check out. A soft leather backpack from MARKBERG is a good and reasonable purchase. Whether you are into the small or large model, you get a spacious, functional and stylish backpack. At the same time, the bags are comfortable to wear, easy to organize your stuff in and the bags can be used in many different occasions as well. Another advantage is the opportunity to adjust the straps, which is an advantage all the backpacks have. This means that your backpack can be customized to fit you perfectly, whether you are short or tall. When you purchase a backpack at our website, we offer free shipping on orders above 55 EUR. We always strive to deliver your order very fast, so you can use your new backpack as soon as possible.