Bum bags for Women

MARKBERG offers a wide range of bum bags. Bum bags can be used for any occasion and fulfill any need. When we design and produce new bum bags, we put a lot of thought into the functions on the inside as well as the outside of the bag. The functionality of the bag is just as important as the design. All details, zippers, pockets and compartments in the bag are considered to make sure that the bag fits all your needs. The bum bag is more and more shown on the international catwalk and in fashion magazines. So, if you are into fashion and following trends, there is no doubt that you need a bum bag. If you are into fashion, you have most likely also heard the term fanny pack, when you have searched for bum bags in physical stores or online. Bum bags are available in all sizes and can have a feminine look as well as a rawer cooler one. The bum bag can be combined with a pretty summer dress or a pair of casual jeans and a t-shirt. Only the sky is the limit when thinking of ways to style and combine your outfits with your bum bag. The bum bag has come to stay and can be used by women of all ages.

The reason why you should chose a bum bag

A bum bag is the obvious and clever choice of bag if you need your hands free, whilst on the move. A bum bag is a simple bag and it often has 2-3 compartments. A bum bag can also be a great solution, when going on a vacation. Formerly, the bum bag has been known as a practical bag mainly used by tourists, but now it has also become a modern choice of bag. The bum bag is ideal when you’re on the go because it easy to carry around, and you always have your bag close to you. You will always be sure that you have your wallet, phone etc. close to you. The bum bag is also ideal, when you need a bag that does not take up too much space, but still has enough space for a few but important things. If you are looking for a cool fashion bum bag or fanny pack, you can quickly find one from us. Our two absolute favorites are Izzy Bum Bag and Elinor Bum Bag. The two bum bags have a simple look, and both bags come with an adjustable and removable strap. The strap is available in many different colors, so that the bum bag can match whatever outfit you are wearing. This means that the bum bags can be styled so that they fit you. By changing the strap, you can mix and match your bum bag to your needs. For festive occasions the bum bag can have a fancy strap with glitter, and for a more everyday kind of look a more subtle strap can be used. You can use the bum bag as it suits you best, and you can style the bag so that it fits your wardrobe. If you are going to a concert or a festival, a bum bag would be the obvious choice of bag. You can bring your most necessary things in the bum bag like for example your wallet, keys, mobile, lipstick and maybe a pair of sunglasses. We have also made a little mirror called amora, which fits in all MARKBERG bum bags. Inside the bag there is a small leather pocket, where the mirror fits into. As a result of this you can take advantage of the space in your bum bag, without the bag becoming too heavy to wear. If you are looking for a larger bag, a crossbody bag could be a good alternative.

Order your bum bag at MARKBERG

We have a big selection of different types of bum bags for women at www.markberg.com, so go find a bum bag that fits your needs. We have many different bum bags – some can be used around your waist, as a crossbody or as a clutch. Some of the bum bags have various functions to ensure that you can use the bum bag in a way that matches your outfit. When ordering one of our bum bags, you are guaranteed a bag where thought has been given into every detail and function. All our bags are produced in high quality leather, so that your bum bag can be used for several years. When ordering a bum bag at our webshop, you will receive your bag 1-2 weekdays after placing the order. When purchasing for more than 399 DKK / 55 EUR the delivery will be free of charge. Thereby, you can quickly and easily get your favorite bag from MARKBERG.