Shoulder bags for women

Shoulder bags are a must in every woman’s wardrobe, and it can be very difficult to settle for just a single shoulder bag. On this page you will find a large selection of high-quality leather shoulder bags. Shoulder bags for women are available in many different sizes and colors. Here at MARKBERG we have a wide selection and we therefore definitely have a shoulder bag for you, that will meet your needs and wants. A lot of the leather shoulder bags are available in more than one color and they are available in several different skin types too. You can therefore find exactly the shoulder bag that you like the best when it comes to both design, color and material. Common to all shoulder bags for women on this site is that they are functional and practical as they have many different compartments and pockets. The shoulder bags have both larger and smaller compartments, so you can easily organize your things. Some of the shoulder bags have several pockets both inside and outside, while some of the other shoulder bags have a simpler look and primarily have pockets inside. All MARKBERG women’s shoulder bags have a short shoulder strap, which makes it easy to swing the bag over the shoulder. Several of our shoulder bags for women also have a longer shoulder strap, which can be adjusted in length. That way, our leather shoulder bags can be customized to your needs and can be worn in many ways.

Choose the right shoulder bag

It can be difficult to choose the right shoulder bag as a woman. We all want one that fits all our outfits, but at the same time we also want a shoulder bag that stands out and follows current trends. It can be difficult to meet all the needs when designing a new shoulder bag for women, but at MARKBERG we have tried to make it easier for you. We have done so by designing shoulder bags that are timeless and simple, so that they can be used in all contexts and together with more or less all your clothes - and most importantly, they can be used year after year. Our leather shoulder bags for women are minimalistic, but also fit into the ongoing fashion trends. If you need a shoulder bag that you can use as a work bag with room for your computer, then Malia Work Bag could be a good choice of a shoulder bag. This shoulder bag can contain a 14” computer and has several different pockets, which makes it easy to organize your things. If, on the other hand, you want a shoulder bag with lots of space and a simple structure, then Antonella Shopper or Jayda shopper is the bag for you. As the names reveals, Antonella and Jayda are shoppers, therefore these shoulder bags consist of one large room, which is easily closed with a simple magnetic closure. On the front of the shoulder bags there are one or two no-zipper pockets and inside there is a small zipper pocket for smaller items.

Leather in the best quality

MARKBERG leather shoulder bags are all in incredibly strong and good leather quality. There are several different skin types to choose from, and several of the leather shoulder bags come in many different varieties, both when it comes to color and skin type. As an example, we have the popular Ulrika bag, which is available in several different shades of brown, the colors of the season and of course black. As for skin types, Ulrika Shoulder Bag is also available in many different variants, including suede, sheep leather and cow leather. Furthermore, several of the bags are made in vegetable tanned leather. If instead of a shoulder bag you are looking for a smaller bag, you can check out our selection of Crossbody Bags. If, on the other hand, it is a larger bag for longer trips you need, you can have a look at the selection of Travel Bags.