Work bags that meet your needs

Finding the right work bag can be difficult. A bag that meets your needs and at the same time has the right look for the specific work situation. On this site you will find a large selection of different leather work bags, all of which have in common that they are spacious, functional, practical, and last but not least don’t compromise on quality or look. The work bags can in most cases also be used as laptop bags, with room for your laptop or tablet. Most of the bags have several different straps, so you can both carry it in hand or over your shoulder. In most cases, the shoulder straps can also be adjusted and removed, giving you the opportunity to customize the work bag to your needs and purposes, which may change continuously.

The work bags' color and material

A common material in most of the work bags is cow leather, which is a very high-quality leather. However, the look can vary from bag to bag depending on whether the material is cow leather with grain, embossed cow leather or regular, plain cow leather. In addition to the work bags made in cow leather, there are also some bags made in bubbly sheep leather from New Zealand. Regardless of the type of leather you choose, you are always guaranteed a high-quality work bag that is extremely durable. That way you can use your work bag for many years to come. Several of the bags come in different colors, allowing you to choose your personal favorite. The colors black, camel and chestnut are often used colors in the work bag category. A common feature of the three colors is that they are neutral and classic, so they fit every outfit and every occasion. It will give you the opportunity to use your work bag in other contexts than for work purposes only. This is especially perfect if you need to move on to an appointment or event directly after work. That is why several of the work bags also fall into the categories Shoulder Bags and Back Packs. Your MARKBERG work bag is much more than just a work bag.

Perfect as a laptop bag

The work bags have a size that make it possible to carry a laptop or tablet in the bag. This means that the work bags can also be used as a laptop bag. Most of the bags can contain a 13” or 14” laptop. There is information about each bag's ability to contain electronic devices under each product. It is not only the spaciousness that make the bags perfect as laptop bags, but also the protective pocket inside of the bags, which are made for the very purpose of carrying a laptop or tablet. The padded pocket ensures that your electronics will not be damaged. At the same time, it is possible to bring other things in addition to your electronic device in your laptop bag, as the many rooms make it possible to store and separate your things. In general, there is a focus on functionality and pocket division at MARKBERG, and of course this also applies to our work bags. There are several pockets inside the bags as well as on the outside. Many of the pockets are closed with a zipper, while others are open pockets where you can easily access your items. In addition to the bags that are perfect for work, you will also find a number of other practical and cool items that you can benefit from during a workday. Among other things, there are several different Office accessories and Key Chains that also match the different bags. Whatever your work consists of, we are sure that you will benefit from one of our many work bags. The difficult part is to choose the right work bag that meets your needs. We know the struggle, so we are always available if you need more guidance or good advice.