Mittens for women

On this page you will find MARKBERG’s cool mittens for women. Leather mittens that will complete your Winter look in the perfect way. The primary purpose of the mittens for women is to keep your fingers and hands warm as we enter the cold Autumn and Winter months. Mittens for women do not only have to be practical though. Your leather mittens can be a cool accessory. Find a pair of mittens that match your jacket, your scarf and maybe even your bag, on this site. The mittens for women all have a unique look. Whether you are looking for a raw, feminine or simple look, you will find a pair of leather mittens that will meet your needs. The high quality of leather in all our mittens for women, ensures that it will not be a problem to keep your fingers warm with the mittens on. Especially on the really cold days, leather mittens are preferable to a pair of gloves, as the fingers are gathered in a pair of mittens, which means that you can keep warm better. Mittens can also give your outfit a completely different look than a pair of gloves.

Leather mittens

All the mittens for women are in high leather quality on the outside and with the softest lining on the inside. Some of the leather mittens’ lining is made of 100% merino wool, others of the mittens for women are made with a 100% polyester lining. Both types of mittens for women feel like butter to wear and help keep your fingers warm even on the cold days. The mittens for women are made in different skin types. A lot of the leather mittens are made of sheep leather. Some of them are made of suede leather, and others consist of goat leather. All in strong and durable quality. Several of the leather mittens for women are also water-repellent. Most of the mittens for women consist of one or more types of leather, but some of the mittens consist of a mix of leather and quilted pattern. This applies, for example, to our Daisey mitten. The pattern breaks with the classic leather look and is especially perfect to style with a simple coat. We also have a selection of mittens for women in the softest suede leather. For example, our Alley mitten, Suede, which consists of suede leather on the top and smooth sheep leather on the palm. If you want a simple pair of leather mittens, then our Alexa mitten is a really good choice. These mittens for women are made of sheep leather with a smooth and simple look. Alexa mitten will therefore fit all kinds of outfits.

Mittens for women in the right size

The leather mittens for women are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The length of the different mittens varies between 21-24 centimeters. The mittens length does not depend on the size you choose but varies by the model you choose. The size of the mittens for women - small, medium, or large - effect the width of the mittens. You should choose the same size for your mittens as you would choose for your clothing. Mittens for women are not made to be tight-fitting as leather gloves are. It means there will be room to move your fingers, which is what makes a pair of mittens the best item if you want to be sure to keep hands warm in the really cold weather. Beside the mittens for women, you can also find a large selection of gloves for women for women and gloves for men. Both categories in the same high quality as the mittens for women. Whether you are mostly into our gloves or mittens, you can be sure to keep warm all winter without compromising on your look. We always aim to have your order delivered within 1-2 working days, so you don’t have to wait too long till you get to wear your new leather mittens from MARKBERG.