Did you know that many Markberg leather bags are produced without leather waste at all?


Markberg is pioneering in zero waste leather production. This is achieved through a dedication to finding alternative use for waste leather also known as “scrap leather” which is cut off in the normal production.

Many Markberg leather bags and small leather goods are produced with 0% leather waste. The waste leather which is cut off in normal production is not only a waste of valuable resources, but it also risks ending up as trash in landfills.

It runs deep in the DNA of Markberg to work with a high level of responsibility at all levels and stages of production. Our zero waste concept is key to ensuring much sustainable products. Through our zero waste concept we achieve a more responsible leather production as we use our normal waste materials for long lasting quality products.


Besides resource optimization our zero waste concept has a significant advantage as factories can stabilize the workflow throughout the year and in this way ensuring the factory workers are permanently employed.

In India, where our bags are produced, its normal for just one family member to provide financially for the entire family. This fact makes it even more important to ensure continuously employment for all factory workers, as it has comprehensive personal consequences for families when workers are out of jobs due to seasonal fluctuations at the factories.
As the leather waste is put into use for our unique Markberg Upcycled items, Markberg helps ensuring the factories can take advantage of times with less production orders. The slower period at the factory is used for processing waste leather which means the workers are ensured permanently employment all year.


All scrap leathers from the Markberg production are reused for various purposes by following these steps:

- First, all the biggest waste leather parts are used for small leather goods such as wallets and key chains.

- Next, the smaller waste leather parts are upcycled into new premium leather products by making patchwork panels. Markberg Upcycled collection will be in stores and online soon.

- Last, all the smallest waste leather pieces are processed into leather boards which are then used as leather reinforcement inside Markberg bags.