About us



Markberg is the title of a real-life love story. The love of creating, of making a difference and of each other.

The brand’s name represents the founders, Mette Astrup (MA) and Rune Klemmensen (RK), who are partners both professionally and personally.

We always mix business with pleasure! Not just when it comes to the way we work, but also in terms of our products. All of Markberg’s items have a modern look and well-thought-out, functional details. It’s easy to fall in love with a product’s design, but functionality is crucial for that love to last a lifetime.

At Markberg, we believe in quality. We put our all into designing products you will be able to use for many years to come. Gorgeous items you won’t just throw away after a short period of use. We never compromise ‒ it’s simply not in our nature.


Welcome to our world!




Markberg represents simplicity and clean, Scandinavian design combined with unique details. Functionality and hand-crafted details are key elements in our designs.

Markberg’s core values are quality, sustainability, and timeless, Scandinavian design. We never compromise – neither when it comes to materials or the collaborators in charge of manufacturing the products. It’s important for Markberg to be able to be proud of the things we do – all the way through to every one of the workers at the factories.

Of beautiful surroundings near Vejle Fjord, Markberg designs two main collections and three smaller collections each year. The products are made from genuine leather that comes from highly qualified manufacturers from different places around the world.

Good quality is like fine wine. It only gets better with time.”





Mette and Rune have always been passionate about sustainability. This is why good materials and sustainable choices have been a part of Markberg’s DNA since the very beginning.

The focus on sustainability has only become stronger throughout the years. This has resulted, for example, in a collection of bags made from recycled plastic bottles, which was launched in 2020.

At Markberg, we are always working on creative and sustainable solutions that can help protect the environment. You can read about all of the initiatives we have implemented so far here.




The idea for Markberg arose in 2008, when Mette had to buy a new pair of gloves. She had trouble finding gloves that could offer both design details and functionality.

Mette and Rune both have entrepreneurial roots, so for them it never takes long for thoughts to turn into action, and and they quickly began developing designer gloves in high quality. This proved to be successful, and the bags arrived soon after.

Ever since 2008, Mette and Rune have been working hard to design quality products that live up to Markberg’s fundamental core values, and that also appeal to the customers’ taste. Over time, the two passionate business owners have extended the Markberg family with competent and dedicated employees, who together make great efforts to develop the brand and give customers an excellent experience.