Privacy Policy

Markberg ApS will collect personal data for the completion of a transaction at our web shop.
The personal data collected by us will include your name, e-mail address, private address and phone number.


Your data will be registered at Markberg ApS and will be archived for five years, afterwards the data will be deleted.


Please note, that we will only use your personal data if you have prior given your explicit consent.


In general, we do not transfer your personal data to a third party without your consent.
However, information which is used for delivery of orders will be transferred to the shipping company used by Markberg. Your personal data is disclosed to Markbergs partners, who deliver services on behalf of Markberg.


Under specific circumstances and with reference to legislation, it might be necessary to transfer information to public authorities or the police. For example, in case of suspicion of credit card fraud.


As a registered costumer at Markberg, you are at any time entitled to be informed about your personal data if requested by you. You also have the right to get your data deleted in our system.


If you got any questions or changes, please contact us by e-mail:       



Markberg ApS are using cookies to collect data from our website, which is used to improve the consumer's shopping experience. The collected data is also used for marketing purposes in the form of demographic and user-related advertisements, so we can deliver targeted online advertisements. For all advertising formats, we register the users clicks on the delivered advertisements.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information from the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or other damaging programs. The information in the collected data will be anonymous and cannot be assigned to named users. uses cookies in accordance with the cookie policy.


How to delete or avoid placing cookies depends on which browser you are using. If you use a PC, cookies can be deleted using the shortcut keys, [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [Delete].

If that doesn’t work, of if you are using a MAC, click on the link below that matches the browser you are using:

If you need further information about the website or the use of cookies, please contact us by e-mail




You are more than welcome to contact us, if you wish to appeal against the processing of your personal data or your order. Please contact us by e-mail: or phone: +45 8613 0080. If we are not able to find a solution, then you may contact following:




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