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Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags can be used for any occasion and are perfect for carrying everything. The bag can be used if you are going shopping, to work, to school or to a party.

Crossbody Bags

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2 results

Crossbody Taske - AmyMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix Crossbody Taske - AmyMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix

AmyMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix

€169,00 EUR

Crossbody Taske - RaynaMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix Crossbody Taske - RaynaMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix

RaynaMBG Crossbody Bag, Suede Mix

€129,00 EUR

Crossbody for any occasion

A crossbody is the perfect bag option for you, if you need a bag that can do just about anything. A crossbody can most often contain a wallet, phone, keys, some makeup and sometimes also a pair of sunglasses. A crossbody bag comes in various sizes, shapes and designs. A crossbody bag can be square, round, soft and firm. You can easily style a simple crossbody bag with a cool, patterned outfit or you can style a more simple, neutral outfit with a crossbody bag in a cool color. The bag can be used for shopping, going to work, school or maybe a party.


The classic crossbody bags from Markberg are for example the Vera Crossbody, Carla Crossbody or Rayna Crossbody. Exactly these crossbody bags are some of our icon styles, and they are almost always available in our assortment. These three crossbody bags have several compartments and are very functional, so that they cover every need for a crossbody bag. Their timeless design make them the perfect bags for all ages. If you are looking for a trendier and more ‘fashion’ crossbody bag, that still needs to cover your everyday needs, we also have a crossbody for that. Vanya Crossbody and Arabella Crossbody are some of our best sold fashion bags. Both crossbody bags have a simple design, but also have a lot of details, which make the bags irreplaceable. Both bags have adjustable and removable straps, which means that you can change the strap as you like. By changing the strap to another color or pattern you give your crossbody bag a whole new look. Our Guitar Straps are perfect to combine with these two crossbody bags and it is an easy way to add a bit of coolness to your outfit and bag. At Markberg we have a great selection of crossbody bags, so go find your favorite one.


Crossbody bags cover all needs


A crossbody bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the upper body – hence the name crossbody. When you wear a bag diagonally over the upper body, you allocate the weight of the bag, which results in good support. All Markberg crossbody bags have adjustable straps. Thereby you can style your crossbody bag in the exact length that fits you and your body.

All our crossbody bags have one or more functions – either on the inside or outside of the bag. Functionality is a vital part of the crossbody bags, and the functions are of great importance, when our crossbody bags are designed. It’s very important to us that our bags have all the best functions, so the bags can fit all possible needs. If you think that the bags in our assortment of crossbody bags are too small, then you should look in our category for shoulder bags or handbags. In these two categories you can find larger bags, and some of them can also be used as crossbody bags.


If you have trouble deciding exactly which bag to choose, you can easily order the bags you are interested in. Orders above 55 EUR have free delivery and the parcel will be delivered 2-3 workdays after receiving the order. If you regret one of your buys afterwards, you can easily return the bag to us again.