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On this page you’ll find a large selection of leather wallets for women in many different sizes, prices and looks. No matter what type of leather wallet you are looking for, you will most likely be able find your new leather wallet here.


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Pung - SelmaMBG Wallet, Upcycled Pung - SelmaMBG Wallet, Upcycled

SelmaMBG Wallet, Upcycled

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You will find spacious leather wallets with room for all your cards and cash, you will also find smaller leather wallets for the most necessary stuff such as your driver’s license and credit card, or a coin purse for all your coins.

Like our bags, Markberg leather wallets are designed with a focus on functionality and spaciousness. All the details have been thought through, and there are many different rooms and small pockets in the leather wallets, which make it easy to organize your cards and cash.

The leather wallets are opened and closed either with a push button or a zipper. Several of the ladies’ wallets also have an extra zipper pocket, either inside of the leather wallet or on the outside. This little pocket is made for coins but can also be used for other purposes. You will also find wallets for women that have a keychain inside, as well as most leather wallets have multiple card holders inside which makes it easy to organize your many different cards.



Markberg makes wallets for women of all ages, and the selection of leather wallets counts a wide variety of colors and shapes. Therefore, you can be sure to find a leather wallet that fits your taste, whether you are more into the feminine or the raw look, and whether you prefer the neutral, colorful or patterned look. You will find a wide selection of wallets for women and it will always be possible to find a leather wallet that fits perfectly with the current trends of the season, as well as there always will be a selection of classic leather wallets.

For most people, a leather wallet is a practical thing that should be able to contain cards and cash, in an easy and practical way. Here at Markberg wo do not think that you need to compromise on design or quality just because a wallet needs to be practical. Therefore, we have made sure that you can find a leather wallet that is both practical and stylish at the same time and even at an affordable price. You will always be able to find a leather wallet in the same style as several of our leather bags. This way you will have the opportunity to complete your overall look.



All leather wallets are made of high-quality leather, so you can be sure that both the quality and durability of the leather wallets are the best. Most of the leather wallets at Markberg are made of cow leather and 100% cotton lining. The variations of cow leather are embossed cow leather, cow leather with grain and regular cow leather. Depending on the type of cow leather, the leather wallet will have a special expression. You will also find a small selection of ladies’ wallets made in soft bubbly sheep leather from New Zealand and printed goat leather from Italy. Furthermore, the leather wallets in brown shades are made of vegetable tanned leather based on natural materials, which gives the ladies’ wallets unique characteristics.


Most people use their wallets several times during a day, which is why it is important that a wallet is durable. Another important thing is that it is easy to organize your cards and cash in your leather wallet, and that you easily can grab what you need, when you need it. All this and even more you are guaranteed with a Markberg wallet.
Treat yourself or someone you care about with one of our gorgeous leather wallets. We guarantee that you will appreciate it in a busy everyday life. If you are looking for other items within the wallet category, check out our selection of cool card holders or beautiful clutches. Here you will also find a large selection of items in the best quality and look.