Mette Astrup, Founder & Creative Director:

“With the global pandemic behind us, and as we slowly return to our 'new' normal, we have been looking forward to launching our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. This year's Autumn/Winter collection is called ‘Rock’n’Recycle’. But this is by no means a short-term trend - responsibility, in every context, has always been a core value for Markberg. It is essential for us to take responsibility and become even more transparent as a brand. It is implicit in everything we do.

The launch of this Autumn/Winter collection marks another milestone in the
#ThisIsMarkberg universe; the introduction of our new sub-collection called Roots, which is another important step in the right direction. We promise you that there will be many more of these kind of initiatives in the future. Baby, just rock (and recycle)!

I hope you enjoy carrying this collection as much as I enjoyed designing it.”

Which trends are set to shape this season?

Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, we created our new Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. But we haven’t lost our optimism along the way, and we’re still working hard to do even better. Markberg collections have always been functional, but with this collection we want to make a statement! Baby, just rock’n’recycle - all whilst being respectful of a changing world, easy to wear items, with trends that work for every style and silhouette. First and foremost, though, this season and collection set out to make us dream…

To get ahead, we will quickly walk you through, and break down, the trends set to shake up this Autumn Winter 2021 season.

The collection colors hold on to the trendy neutrals and non-colors. It’s still a huge trend. We’re introducing Latte as the biggest new leather color in the collection. Latte is super easy to style with and pretty much matches everything. Hazel is a slightly darker brown that complements Latte very well, and at the same time also speaks into the trend around the brown universe.

The collection is infused with a tiny splash of shocking red, to bring us some shine until the celebrations can start up again. Shocking red is seen everywhere on all the major catwalks – both when it comes to clothes, bags, and shoes. But do remember: Less is more!

Stand out pieces: PRINTS, SHAPES & DETAILS


As mentioned earlier we want to make a statement with this collection, and we’ve made sure that our bags carry out this message for us. There are lots of cool statement prints in our recycled polyester collection. Another printed trend is the monochrome allover prints. We’ve created our “Natural Graphical” print for this trend with beautiful hand drawn flowers in black and peanut. This print is also available in the recycled polyester collection.


The most hyped trend this season must be the puffer look. It’s seen everywhere on the fashion scene. We’ve interpreted this trend into both our leather and recycled polyester styles. Get ahead of the style curve, a comeback girl is back in town; ‘The Sling Bag’. But don’t forget her sister which is making a comeback too; ‘The Soft Drawstring Bag’ as we like to call her. But you might also know this shape as slouchy, drapy or softie. There’s definitely a new trend on the rails here. And now it’s time to bottle up, baby! Bottle holders are still on the trend report radar. This collection we’ve designed a cool new version in recycled polyester. And while we’re at it, you might as well grab your handles too; top handles that is! Which is another major trend not to be missed. Regular top handles, but a small trendy detail is red top handles. Just adding that splash of shocking red to your styling.

Explore the Autumn / Winter 21 collection here.


Our roots collection covers all your essentials, and the name refers to the ‘roots’ of Markberg – the styles that were a part of our first collections and has been among your bestsellers during the years.

The Roots leather is based on a vegetable tanning process with natural colors derived from plants. Our lining is 100% certified recycled cotton. Sustainable made to love and to last. Read more about our new Roots Collection initiative right here.